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Fred van Eck had a simple idea during a flight in 1965 – to develop a cargo strapping system made from rayon yarn, used in the production of car tires. He founded the company in Helmond, The Netherlands – and began manufacturing the first generation of cargo strapping systems.

Cordstrap’s mission to keep the world’s shipping safe is fulfilled by:

  • 500 employees across five continents
  • 5 international factories and 50 countries
  • 25,000 businesses using rail, sea, road, and air shipping


We were asked to manage content for the website, launching it in 8 new languages and the production of a print and digital collateral including sales sheets, product leaflets, quality statements, and corporate and industry brochures for 8 key markets; Brazil, China, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and France.

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We were approached to translate and localise the new website to Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, French, Japanese and Korean; and handle inconsistent terminology and spelling mistakes in the old website cordstrap.net affecting the User Experience. Additionally, KPI metrics were set for the below business objectives:

  • Need for higher global reach
  • An improved User Experience
  • Locally relevant content


  • Large volume of source copy (37K) and tight timelines
  • CMS manual typesetting time (3 pages per day)
  • XTM does not support CMS translation workflows
  • Lack of glossaries and style guides for KO and JP
  • First draft in Word format and incomplete content
  • Few pages had to be manually typeset
  • Manual line breaks & indentation, not with CSS
  • Japanese market subjective In Situ reviews
  • Proof-readers unfamiliarity with CMS systems


  • Researching and proposing localisation solutions
  • Procured €3k solution vs other solutions €11-20K
  • Translation in Word and saving to TM upon feedback
  • Exporting content from EPiServer CMS in XLF format
  • Pre-translating content on XTM from TM 
  • Proofreading and local market feedback integration
  • Fixing URLs in CAT and CMS import for In Situ check
  • Local markets checks and feedback integration
  • Go Live!


Alignian provided a quick turnaround of 7 weeks to deliver the website and enable a strategic plan for market expansion.

The KPI metrics achieved included an improvement in Alexa Rank, from a position of 17,836,828 to 1,323,778 and an increase in Daily Unique Visitors from 931 to 12K, and a lift in daily requests from 5 to 30K.