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Infused with the spirit of its location, each Sofitel luxury hotel is a stunning blend of modernity, elegance, and comfort, the ultimate embodiment of the French. Sofitel places personalized service at the heart of the guest experience – a service based on warm hospitality and personal touch.

Sofitel is a luxury hotel brand with a presence on five continents in nearly 40 countries, All representing French elegance, beauty, quality, and excellence. The brand is based on values that guide to make the guests’ experience unique and magnificent.

The brief consisted of branding and marketing translation for brochures and other printed material including in-room menus and rate cards. Alignian has designed, translated, localised, and managed this project in a variety of languages including English, French, and Arabic for the UK, French, and Middle Eastern markets.

We dedicated a selection of qualified in-market translation linguists and specialists in leisure and tourism to overview the communications strategy.

Sofitel brochure


Translation and localization of marketing material requires that the impact of any of the publications is the same in French, English, and Arabic, a process known as transcreation or market adaptation.

Each local market is managed through centralising and effectively managing our translation memory software to store and retrieve translated phrases or sections of text, ensuring consistency in style and terminology and providing a cost-effective solution.


The entire process aimed for efficiency in time and cost, producing content in a multi-step process; Alignian established a process of using translation memories and a glossary to rapidly retrieve translated phrases and words. The production process involved graphic design, desktop publishing, English/French/Arabic translation, and localisation. Supported by our Account and Project Management and Technical Service Coordination teams we were able to deliver a full suite of production to our client.


Alignian completed a comprehensive guest guide collateral and delivered the finished print and digital assets within a short turnaround time. 

The client marketing team were impressed by the final print collateral and efficiencies achieved by our creative and localisation studios.

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