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Dove is a brand by Unilever, which is one of the world’s leading suppliers of fast-moving consumer goods with three global divisions – Foods, home care and personal care. Within the personal care market, Unilever is a global leader in products for skin cleansing, deodorants and antiperspirants.

Alignian created and localised front and back packaging labels for the product range. The labelling was designed with transparent stickers to be placed on bottles, and the transcreation was into Arabic, Turkish and Farsi accordingly to suit each market.

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One of Unilever’s key competitive strategies is to extend its global reach. Unilever needed a single, flexible source for a complimentary range of creative design and adaptation services for international markets. A provider to offer a set of services that adhere to Unilever delivery processes, standards, and guidelines.

Design for packaging and localisation of the product range to engage audiences with outdoor and press campaigns required labelling to be produced for English, Arabic, Turkish, and Farsi audiences. The multilingual localisation process entailed translation with linguistic consideration of cultural values and target markets accompanied by graphic customisation with the feel and look of the brand and technical support of right-to-left language typesetting and print management.


Unilever chose Alignian as a supplier to create print campaigns and packaging for the European and Middle Eastern markets and to design front and back labels for their shampoo and conditioner range in English, Arabic, Turkish, and Farsi.

Alignian allocated a team of creative designers, marketing experts and native linguists with experience in global communication, along a dedicated management team. The team managed to handle cultural and language challenges and effectively deal with different types of requirements for each market.

Alignian’s experience in premium media and communication in the European and Middle Eastern markets supported Unilever in increasingly gaining market share. The consumers’ awareness of Unilever products increased and wholesalers and local outlets increased their inventory stocking with Dove products.


Alignian managed to deliver high-value, cost-effective, fast multilingual packaging and press in the target markets. 

Impressive client satisfaction rates; growing from 58.3% to 83%, as per Unilever satisfaction surveys.

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