Making your vision come to life

Our creative studios focus on developing a strong brand identity and crafting engaging content that resonates with your audience globally. From eye-catching designs to intuitive UI/UX, our team of skilled designers and creative directors will make your brand stand out from the competition.



Immerse your business in a distinctive brand identity that captures your values and captivates your audience. From shaping your brand strategy to creating a visual and verbal identity, we act as custodians of your brand, ensuring it leaves a lasting impression.

Brand Strategy

Uncover the essence of your brand and pave the way for success. Through in-depth market analysis and strategic planning, we chart a course for your brand to stand out and thrive in existing and new markets.

Visual & Verbal Identity

Infuse life into your brand with a blend of visual and verbal elements. From logo design and brand name creation to crafting a compelling tone of voice, we weave a narrative that resonates with your audience.

Brand Guardianship

Entrust us to safeguard and nurture your brand. Our unwavering support preserves the integrity of your brand across touch-points, to connect with audience, enhance reputation and embody the brand’s ethos.


Print and publishing

Present your data and insights in visually compelling reports that eloquently communicate your message. From meticulously crafted annual reports that encapsulate your journey to captivating packaging that entices and print ads & out-of-home campaigns that leave a lasting impression, our print and publishing teams bring your content to life.

Annual Reports

Capture the essence of achievements and milestones in visually stunning and informative reports. We specialise in transforming data into narratives, creating a journey that resonates with stakeholders.


Elevate your product’s presence with packaging that protects and captivates. Our expertise lies in designing packaging that tells a story, entices customers, and leaves a memorable impression on the shelves.

Print Ads & OOH

Make a statement with print and out-of-home campaigns that demand attention. Whether it’s a full-page magazine ad or a larger-than-life billboard, we ensure that your message delivers impact and style.


Digital and interactive

Elevate your customers’ experience with seamlessly designed, user-friendly interfaces across all platforms. From attention-grabbing banners to expertly crafted user experience and user interface designs, our digital teams specialise in creating memorable digital assets that leave a lasting impression.


Make a statement with impactful banners that capture attention and drive engagement. Our digital team designs banners that are tailored to effectively communicate your message.


Redefine user experiences with intuitive and visually appealing UI designs. Our user experience and user interface designers enhance usability and ensure that every interaction is seamless and engaging.

Digital Assets

Harness the power of digital assets to tell your brand’s story. From captivating images to informative infographics, we create comprehensive digital assets that resonate with your audience and stay memorable.


Film and photography

Create captivating advertising campaigns that leave a lasting impression on your audience with our multimedia arsenal. Through a combination of visual storytelling and creative expertise, we bring your brand’s narrative to life, ensuring that it resonates with your target market and beyond.

TV & Radio Commercials

Craft compelling visual and audio narratives that capture attention and drive engagement. From concept development to the final cut, we ensure that your message is delivered with impact and style.

Corporate Videos

Showcase your brand’s story in an engaging video. Whether it’s a company overview, product demo, or employee training, we bring creativity to media, to resonate with your audience and reflect your identity.

Retouching & Colour Correction

Our post-production team polishes visual content for publishing. From frame-by-frame enhancement to colour accuracy, we pay attention to every detail, ensuring that your visuals are impeccable and ready to go live.



Coty is one of the world’s largest beauty companies and the largest fragrance company. With $5.3 billion in revenue, Coty operates in consumer beauty, luxury and professional beauty with a mission to “celebrate and liberate the diversity of beauty”.


COTY assigned us the production of its global Code of Conduct and internal communications videos to educate the organisation on its charter and founders’ history and mission.


  • Content development
  • Creative transcreation
  • Video subtitling
  • Closed-captions
  • Print-ready artwork


A full suite of adapted video, digital and print content for employee education and communicating the brand core values and ethos.



Pladis is a global biscuit and confectionery company that owns brands like McVitie’s and Carr’s. Pladis is part of Yildiz Holdings, a Turkish family-run investment firm, and also owns other brands such as Godiva chocolate, Carr’s water biscuits, Go ahead! BN, Verkade, and Ulker.


Pladis asked us to create a brand name for McVitie’s product to launch in the Middle East, as well as a range of concept names, descriptions and packaging for user testing, market research and regional launches.


  • Brainstorming boards
  • Brand name origination
  • Creative transcreation
  • User testing concepts
  • Go-to-market content
  • Packaging and labelling


Launching 6 user concepts for user testing and sentiment analysis. Creation of a unique value proposition brand name to be launched soon.


Harvey Nichols is a British luxury department store chain that was founded in 1831, with its flagship store located in Knightsbridge, London and presence in other cities such as Dubai, Leeds and Edinburgh. The store offers a wide range of products, including designer fashion, accessories, beauty products, and luxury foods.


Harvey Nichols sought to create a decennial anniversary identity and promotional materials; this encompassed calligraphy to vector illustration that complements and enriches the brand ethos.


  • Ink calligraphy
  • Brand identity
  • Logo design
  • Vector illustration
  • Promotion design
  • Print-ready collateral


High-end luxury identity and iconic promotional packaging design to celebrate the decennial anniversary of Harvey Nichols and assert its presence in the Middle East.

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