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Brand guidelines

Our Brand Guidelines include specifications for typography, spacing, and colour usage to maintain consistency
and reflect our brand identity effectively in any press release or publication across media types.


Poppins is the primary typeface to be used across communications.

Open Sans Light, Regular, Semibold, and Bold can be used as font weights.

Font sizes: H1 (40) H2 (32) H3 (26) H4 (24) H5 (20) H6 (16), body copy (14).

Paragraph spacing is 1.4 to ensure consistency and readability.

Use Title Case for headings and sentence case for all body text.


Padding between elements is 10 px vertical and 20 px horizontal clearance.

Margin between elements is 15 px vertical and horizontal clearance.

Layout alignment is vital to ensure a consistent look across all materials.

Leading (line spacing) is 2 points above font sizes to enhance readability.


Our colour palette HEXA and Pantone values are:

#001035 (289 C)
#080F5B (2757 C)
#0D19A3 (2728 C)
#15DB95 (3252 C)
#33CCCC (3125 C)
#E4C580 (465 C)

Apply acceptable colour combinations and use colours effectively for text over graphics.

Ensure there is enough contrast between text and darker background colours for readability.


By incorporating these elements into our media assets, you can help us create a cohesive and accessible visual identity that resonates with our audience and reinforces our unique brand character.

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