Our People

At Alignian, we are driven by a passion for creativity, excellence, and client success. Our company’s history, values, and the dedicated people behind our success define who we are.

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Meet the team who bring their knowledge, technical expertise and creativity to our clients' work.

Alignian’s technology, design, and language teams are integral to our work. Our tech team leverages Best-in-class network architecture, AI and Machine Learning to comply with standards and apply best practice principles across the codebase, enabling real-time assistance and support. Our design team creates a cohesive and consistent user experience across platforms, products, and interfaces, covering elements such as colours, fonts, icons, sounds, and multimedia. Our language team provides inclusive multilingual communications, ensuring that content and publishing are consciously unbiased and designed inclusively. The collaboration between these teams allows us to offer unrivalled solutions to our clients.

Our Team

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