Our History

At Alignian, we are driven by a passion for creativity, excellence, and client success. Our company’s history, values, and the dedicated people behind our success define who we are.

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Forging Futures: Our Story and People

In today’s interdependent and connected world, the local is continually interacting with the global. At Alignian we use this dynamic to produce effective forms of creative communication. Alignian was founded in 2014 by technology, multimedia and linguistics specialists who shared the belief that corporate communications were not meeting the challenges of an increasingly globalised world.

We are the product of a rich variety of traditions, allowing us to work successfully across different regions of the world. But it is the diversity of our people that sets us apart. This is the heart of our success and gives us a fundamental advantage over our competitors.

Alignian has offices in London, New York and Cairo to cover multiple time zones, and has grown to employ talented teams globally – a collective from different countries and backgrounds, bound together by a passion for creating, translating and delivering cutting-edge global communications. Our in-house team is enhanced by a large network of specialist professionals around the globe, whose skills we call upon whenever a project requires it.

Our portfolio of completed work includes local projects and global campaigns, interactive games and educational curriculums. We provide services to private and public organisations, and our clients include consumer goods manufacturers, retailers, museums, educational bodies, financial institutions, governmental organisations, energy companies, automotive and telecoms suppliers.


Empowering through innovative solutions and exceptional service, with integrity, collaboration, and social responsibility.


Leading through innovation and sustainability, driving change and fostering growth for our clients and communities.


Meet the talented individuals who bring expertise and creativity to every client.


Join a dynamic and innovative team that nurtures talent and fosters growth.

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